Julia the Stylist
Personal Fashion Styling



To put it simply, we make it easy for you to get dressed and look great.

The process begins with a closet detox, during which we meet to discuss your goals and clean out your closet. This means taking everything out and only putting the right pieces back in. At this point, we'll have gotten to know you and your wardrobe.

Next up is the fitting! If you can't stand shopping or just don't have time, this makes things easy. We will shop until we drop to find the best clothing for you, then create a mini-boutique just for you in our studio.

When you come to try everything on, we'll show you how to put the pieces together and which alterations will create a perfect fit. What you like, you take with you, and we return everything else. You choose the frequency of your appointments, and never worry about what you're going to wear again. 

When Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding in favor of the war efforts, he simply replied, “then what are we fighting for?”